Cladding is a stylish and versatile building product suitable for both outdoor and indoor building applications. It is a product favoured by architects, designers and builders for it’s strength, durability and appearance. Cladding allows you to achieve a beautiful façade without an expensive price tag.

The use of a robust product such as cladding has many benefits. It can be used to create contrast with other building materials to accentuate the aesthetics of the design. This is particularly useful in renovations of existing structures. Cladding provides a contemporary and cost-effective solution to an otherwise out-dated and run down structure.

It is also a popular choice for new structures that are searching for an individual look. Cladding can be used in many aspects of a new build to either accentuate its style and differences, or to suitably fit in to the surrounding area. It’s versatility and adaptability is endless.

The use of cladding can be used to create contrast and provide visual appeal to your design as well as providing sustainable and reliable protection from the elements. There are many products to choose from when considering cladding, with a vast array of looks to be achieved.